Friday, July 07, 2006

Liberalism is Racism, VI

{See parts I, II, III, IV, and V}

Hollywood is one of the main bastions of Liberalism in the USA. Movies like Superman Returns reek of political correctness. Yet, Luke Ford points out that Metropolis in Superman Returns is devoid of "people of color."

This is just a continuation of the racist attitudes of Liberal Hollywood.

For example, in Independence Day (ID4), there are four families.

The Presidential family (white, presumably Protestant) is presented as the perfect, hardworking, loving family with no dysfunctions at all.

The pilot's family (black) is presented as not married. And she is an exotic dancer (read: stripper). The pilot is presented as superstitious and arrogant. For bonus points, the only scene in ID4 with a couple in bed is the unmarried black couple.

The cropduster (hispanic) is presented as a washed-up alcoholic who can barely hold a job.

The Jewish family is presented as the most dysfunctional of all. Her career was more important than the marriage. His politics is more important than the marriage. The father is an atheist.

If a conservative were to breathe a word of these pernicious stereotypes, all of the drive-by media would be up in arms, but Liberal Hollywood can get away with anything.


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