Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Businessman Who Could Render Goose Fat

The recent incident in Monsey and the selling of treife chickens to much of the community reminds me of the following story...

Once there was a Chassid who was a wealthy business man. But, in addition to his business acumen, he had a rare talent for rendering goose fat. Every year, he would render barrels of goose fat that would be used by his family and friends who would come over to his house and borrow some goose fat.

Because of his good fortune, every year, when he went to visit his Rebbe, he would bring two barrels of goose fat for his Rebbe, who would enthusiatically thank him, and give him a brocha (blessing) for continued success.

After many years, the Chassid’s business took a down-turn. Still, each year he would bring two barrels of goose-fat to his Rebbe.

Finally, things were so bad, financially, that someone gave him some advice. “Look,” the friend said, “You’re talented. You can render delicious goose fat. Many people would pay for that goose fat.” So, that is what the business man did. He began to sell the rendered goose fat.

That year, he brought the customary two barrels of goose fat to his Rebbe. But, his Rebbe looked puzzled. “What’s wrong, Rebbe,” he asked.

“Where’s the hechsher?” answered the Rebbe.

The man then asked, “I’m sorry, Rebbe, but I don’t understand. You’ve been taking the goose fat that I render for all these years, without a hechsher. Why do you suddenly need one?”

“Ahhh,” answered the Rebbe, “But now, it’s your business.”


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