Friday, January 18, 2008

Analysis of Associate Press "Candidates on the Issues"

The Associated Press released an article on the Candidates on the issues.

Four your convenience, below is a table summarizing the answers they gave:

Abortion Education Gay "Marriage" Global Warming Gun Control Health insurance Illegal immigration Iraq Social Security Embryonic Stem Cell Research Taxes
Clinton   $10B   $150B   $110B         Tax the rich
Edwards   Forced Preschool   $130B   $120B         Tax the rich
Obama   $18B   $150B   $65B & taxes Backed the fence       Tax the rich
Giuliani   Vouchers   Unsure         No tax increase    
Huckabee       CAFE standards   $$     No tax increase   Sales Tax
McCain   Vouchers   Capped greenhouse gases         Delay of benefits    
Romney   School choice       $     No tax increase    
Thompson   School choice             Lower benefits   Flat tax

Where Blue is more Liberal/Progressive/Socialist and Red is more Conservative.


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