Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shiny, Happy, Yahoo!

The following is a screenshot of the Yahoo! news site...

Notice the sign being held up by the "protester" on the right. Something about Israel. I went to the Reuters site, and found the following picture...

So, here we have two separate signs. One (on the right) equating Clinton with Zionism and Terrorism, and the one on the left. I assume it is in Indonesian (though, unless I'm mistaken, Indonesian is not written in a roman alphabet). The caption tells the story. "Hillary is Israel's accomplice and zionist". Except, it cannot be an exact translation, since the sign says "HILLARY CLINTON".
What does it really say? Google language tools translate "kaki tangan" as "hand-foot". If there is someone who knows Indonesian colloquialisms, perhaps they can help.
But, the real point is that Yahoo! News chose to use a picture that, on its face, only appeared to be critical of H. Clinton, when, in reality, this was an anti-Israel protest. And, they see Secretary Clinton as being a tool for Israel and therefore (in their warped views) as a tool of terrorism. Yahoo! is complicit in shaping the news rather than reporting it.

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