Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dual Citizenship means Loss of Clearance

Some Jews with dual USA-Israeli citizenship are losing their security clearances.

The usual suspects are complaining about discrimination, anti-semitism, and (would you believe it) concentration camps.

I'm sorry, but these bozos need to lose their security clearances now! I've worked in the Intelligence Community for over 22 years. With a long beard, and tzitzis hanging out, no one doesn't recognize that I'm Jewish and religious. I've never had any problems or questions about any kind of security issue.

If these folk would renounce their Israeli citizenship, then the problem would, most likely, go away. Instead, they pretend that having citizenship in a FOREIGN country should not be cause for dismissal. Would they feel the same way if a person, say assigned to the State Department, had dual USA-Iranian or USA-Palestinian Authority citizenship? The answer is: Of course not! For these folk, rules only apply to others, not for them.


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