Friday, October 13, 2006

Dr. Victoria Wells Wulsin, Democrat, Linked to Unethical Human Experimentation in Africa

Dr. Victoria Wells Wulson is running as a Democrat for the House of Representatives in the 2nd district of Ohio. She is linked with unethical human experimentation in Africa. While she performed no procedures, she knew of the unethical behavior of the Heimlich Institute, but did not report it to authorities, and only when her link to the Heimlich Institute was to be revealed, did she distance herself at all from the Institute.

In Quackwatch, Dr. Robert S. Baratz, relates that Dr. Heimlich (of the renoun "Heimlich maneuver," has been performing bizarre experiments on humans. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other governmental bodies have disclaimed this bizarre and scientifically unsupportable method.

Congressional candidate tied to improper human
experiments. Victoria Wells Wulsin, M.D., who is
running for a seat in the U.S. House of
Representatives, has been linked to unethical
human experiments in which live malaria parasites
were injected into humans as a treatment for HIV
infections. The experiments were conducted in
Africa by Henry Heimlich, M.D. (popularizer of
the "Heimlich Maneuver" for treating choking). In
2004, Heimlich engaged Wulsin to review his work
on "malariotherapy" and write a business plan for
promoting it. Wulsin concluded that "the
preponderance of evidence indicates that neither
malaria nor Immunotherapy will cure HIV/AIDS" and
that the Heimlich Institute had been too
secretive about its work. Despite claims by
Heimlich that that no active work on
malariotherapy was being done, Wulsin's report
shows that it was. When it became clear that the
report would be made public by others,
released it but added an executive summary in
which she claimed that her involvement with the
Heimlich Institute was "strictly limited" to a
research review. However, the original report
indicates that she had access to experimental
data, knew that something was radically wrong,
and was aware of ethical violations that she
should have reported to appropriate governmental
authorities. The report also indicates that an
"American sponsor" was collaborating with
Heimlich, but Wulsin has refused to reveal the
sponsor's name. During the past two years,
Heimlich has also been widely criticized for
claiming that his maneuver is effective as a
first response to drowning.

{Emphasis added.} Something was radically wrong. She only released the executive summary, when it became known to her that her review, and her connection to the Heimlich Institute, would become public. What did she know, and when did she know it?


Blogger Ohio 2nd said...

The story is a crock of S and anyone who's willing to talk to Vic actually knows that. From the start Vic has stated that she didn't know who the sponser was. She has ALWAYS stated that they refused to give her detailed information about the patients from the trials.

This is a hit job by people looking for attention.

9:35 AM  
Blogger User-ID said...

Ohio 2nd: She has ALWAYS stated that they refused to give her detailed information about the patients from the trials.

In other words, Dr. Wulsin says she only followed orders. Hmm, where have we heard that excuse before, Techno Yid?

Interested parties may wish to read these books on Nazi doctors.

11:56 AM  

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