Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Maryland Democrat Makes Ridiculous Promise

An article in the Calvert Street Democratic Club newspaper, is titled:

Cardin promises cancer cure

and has the subtitle:

Senate candidate pitches health credentials, plan to beat disease by 2015

Yet, in reading the article, Democrat Representative Benjamin Cardin told a group of fifteen people at a cancer support center
We are going to lick cancer by 2015

The article goes on to extol the candidate by providing quotes from his campaign ads, one of which says
He's literally a lifesaver.

Oh yeah, whose life did he save? I am probably correct in thinking that the quoted moron meant that he is figuratively a lifesaver, but, being a Democrat never meant that one had to be careful about the meaning of words.

What about the plan to beat cancer? No plan is ever mentioned. But, one might ask, isn't his plan to get elected so that he can literally beat cancer by 2015? Well, no. The article states
Promising a cancer cure by 2015 might strike some as an election-year gimmick, but that is the year that the National Institute of Cancer identified as its goal "to eliminate the suffering and death due to cancer," according to the institute's Web site.
Excuse me, "might strike some as an election-year gimmick?" Of course it is! The only excuse that the newspaper might have for the egregious use of the word "might" is their lack of any pretense of not having already chosen Cardin as the next Senator from Maryland.

It is this kind of reporting that gives journalism a bad name. This is not journalism, but advocacy. {And, if not advocacy, then proof that the intellectually inferior should not be "reporting."}


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