Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Propaganda and Publishers

Dorling Kindersley publishes many lines of books for adults and children.

Among the lines for children are the Ultimate Sticker Books, in which stickers are taken from a sheet of stickers and placed in the appropriate blank spot in a page.

Besides pattern recognition and eye-hand coordination required for such a task, one would hope they get the subject matter correct. Or, at least, if incorrect, they would no longer advertise the incorrect version.

What's wrong with this picture?
Now:Prior to Wednesday:

Notice the publication date: 3 October 2005! Is this some kind of ridiculous political statement? Is there a Dewey sticker in the book? Is Al Gore listed as president?

I wouldn't say to not buy any of their products, but having the online advertising continue to demote President Bush and promote Loser Kerry is another fine example of BDS.

2006 08 24: UPDATE

As of this morning, DK Publishing has replaced the cover showing John F'ing Kerry in the top right with a new cover, and have appeared to remove the old graphic from their server... Isn't the internet wonderful!

Hat tip to Mr. Christian for finding the original graphic on Amazon.


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