Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry belittles the troops, the President, and the American people

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”
Unfortunately for John Kerry, the truth is:
  • 49.2 percent of officers have advanced or professional degrees
    • 39.4 percent have master's degrees
    • 8.5 percent have professional degrees
    • 1.3 percent have doctorate degrees
  • 22.8 percent of company grade officers have advanced degrees
    • 16.5 percent have master's degrees
    • 5.9 percent have professional degrees
    • 0.3 percent have doctorate degrees
  • 85.4 percent of field grade officers have advanced degrees
    • 70.7 percent have master's degrees
    • 12.1 percent have professional degrees
    • 2.5 percent have doctorate degrees
  • 99.9 percent of the enlisted force have at least a high school education
    • 73.3 percent have some semester hours toward a college degree
    • 16.2 percent have an associate's degree or equivalent semester hours
    • 4.7 percent have a bachelor's degree
    • 0.7 percent have a master's degree
    • .01 percent have a professional or doctorate degree
Thus, Kerry lied.

But, why did he lie? Is it just to score some political points? Wouldn't he know that the correct information would come out? Or, was his lie unintentional?

BJ Clinton lied on a regular basis because he could not help it. His psychopathy forced him to lie, even when the truth would be more convenient, and even made him feel indignant when caught in the lie.

Kerry is unlikely to be a psychopath like Clinton. So, again, why the lies? Kerry was drafted into service in Viet Nam like many others. The conditions surrounding the draft were such that, if someone was smart, well-connected, or wealthy, they could avoid the draft through a student deferment. Thus, during draft-time, the average intelligence and levels of education are likely to be lower in the military. Thus, Kerry must either believe that we are still drafting folk to go to Iraq, or that the elite (who must be smart and well educated, by definition) would not want to serve.

Therefore, John Kerry is...
  1. Still living in a past when a draft existed
  2. Believes the President is not smart, not educated, and therefore got the USA into Iraq
  3. Believes the military is lying about statistics it is required to keep
  4. Totally confused about how folk with education and intelligence could possibly choose the military as a career
  5. Lying to score poltical points
  6. Totally deranged
Or, all of the above.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Liberalism is Racism - Wolf Blitzer, a House Slave?

Hat tip to Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters.

Again the Liberal blogosphere uses despicable imagery against someone, who is even on their side, simply because they do not toe the line of the official dogma of the left.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hope Into Action

Another great Micheal Steele ad.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Toward an Explanation of the Talmud

"Rabbi," the man said, "Please explain the Talmud to me."

"Very well," he said. "First, I will ask you a question. If two men climb up a chimney and one comes out dirty, and one comes out clean, which one washes himself?"

"The dirty one," answers the man.

"No. They look at each other and the dirty man thinks he is clean and the clean man thinks he is dirty, therefore, the clean man washes himself.

Now, another question. If two men climb up a chimney and one comes out dirty, and one comes out clean, which one washes himself?"

The man smiles and says, "You just told me, Rabbi. The man who is clean washes himself because he thinks he is dirty."

"No," says the Rabbi. "If they each look at themselves, the clean man knows he doesn't have to wash himself, so the dirty man washes himself.

Now, one more question. If two men climb up a chimney and one comes out dirty, and one comes out clean, which one washes himself?"

"I don't know, Rabbi. Depending on your point of view, it could be either one."

Again the Rabbi says, "No. If two men climb up a chimney, how could one man remain clean? They both are dirty, and they both wash themselves."

The confused man said, "Rabbi, you asked me the same question three times and you gave me three different answers. Is this some kind of a joke?"

"This is not a joke, my son. This is Talmud."

Hat tip to BufoToad

Friday, October 20, 2006

Why Vote Republican

Nice video summary of why everyone should vote Republican this time.

Liberalism is Racism - Leftist Racism

There are plenty of racially discriminatory attitudes & behaviours on the political Left. Leftist racism is at least as vicious as any other form of racism. Leftists constantly condemn the slightest suspicion of racism in others in an apparent claim they are holier than others in that respect. Dr. John Ray shows that Leftism is Racism.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dr. Victoria Wells Wulsin, Democrat, Linked to Unethical Human Experimentation in Africa

Dr. Victoria Wells Wulson is running as a Democrat for the House of Representatives in the 2nd district of Ohio. She is linked with unethical human experimentation in Africa. While she performed no procedures, she knew of the unethical behavior of the Heimlich Institute, but did not report it to authorities, and only when her link to the Heimlich Institute was to be revealed, did she distance herself at all from the Institute.

In Quackwatch, Dr. Robert S. Baratz, relates that Dr. Heimlich (of the renoun "Heimlich maneuver," has been performing bizarre experiments on humans. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other governmental bodies have disclaimed this bizarre and scientifically unsupportable method.

Congressional candidate tied to improper human
experiments. Victoria Wells Wulsin, M.D., who is
running for a seat in the U.S. House of
Representatives, has been linked to unethical
human experiments in which live malaria parasites
were injected into humans as a treatment for HIV
infections. The experiments were conducted in
Africa by Henry Heimlich, M.D. (popularizer of
the "Heimlich Maneuver" for treating choking). In
2004, Heimlich engaged Wulsin to review his work
on "malariotherapy" and write a business plan for
promoting it. Wulsin concluded that "the
preponderance of evidence indicates that neither
malaria nor Immunotherapy will cure HIV/AIDS" and
that the Heimlich Institute had been too
secretive about its work. Despite claims by
Heimlich that that no active work on
malariotherapy was being done, Wulsin's report
shows that it was. When it became clear that the
report would be made public by others,
released it but added an executive summary in
which she claimed that her involvement with the
Heimlich Institute was "strictly limited" to a
research review. However, the original report
indicates that she had access to experimental
data, knew that something was radically wrong,
and was aware of ethical violations that she
should have reported to appropriate governmental
authorities. The report also indicates that an
"American sponsor" was collaborating with
Heimlich, but Wulsin has refused to reveal the
sponsor's name. During the past two years,
Heimlich has also been widely criticized for
claiming that his maneuver is effective as a
first response to drowning.

{Emphasis added.} Something was radically wrong. She only released the executive summary, when it became known to her that her review, and her connection to the Heimlich Institute, would become public. What did she know, and when did she know it?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Liberalism is Racism - Yellow Cake Condi-mima

From the pages of yet another moonbat blog comes the following picture:

How much longer can the racist bigots on the left not be censured by the American people?

Liberalism is Racism - George "Macacawitz" Allen

As reported on the Washington Post website:

Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen 'Macacawitz'

A field organizer for Democratic congressional candidate Al Weed resigned yesterday after it was discovered that she referred to Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) as "Macacawitz."

In an e-mail sent last night, Meryl Ibis asked Democratic supporters to protest "George 'Macacawitz' Allen" during a Republican rally in Danville.
Weed spokesman Kurt Gleeson said the staffer "made a mistake in her language that was not sanctioned by the campaign." Weed is challenging Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. (R-Va.) in the Southside district.

Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager, said Ibis's e-mail "fits a pattern of anti-Semitic behavior" by Democrats. Wadhams said Allen's opponent, Democrat James Webb, should be held accountable for Ibis's e-mail because she also was one of his volunteer organizers.
Weed's spokesman's statement falls far short of what is necessary. Rather than using such passive forms "the staffer 'made a mistake...'", the spokesman should have repudiated the anti-semitic tone of the staffer. He should have said: "the staffer 'made an inappropriate anti-semitic slur'".

But, being liberal means never having to say your sorry.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Businessman Who Could Render Goose Fat

The recent incident in Monsey and the selling of treife chickens to much of the community reminds me of the following story...

Once there was a Chassid who was a wealthy business man. But, in addition to his business acumen, he had a rare talent for rendering goose fat. Every year, he would render barrels of goose fat that would be used by his family and friends who would come over to his house and borrow some goose fat.

Because of his good fortune, every year, when he went to visit his Rebbe, he would bring two barrels of goose fat for his Rebbe, who would enthusiatically thank him, and give him a brocha (blessing) for continued success.

After many years, the Chassid’s business took a down-turn. Still, each year he would bring two barrels of goose-fat to his Rebbe.

Finally, things were so bad, financially, that someone gave him some advice. “Look,” the friend said, “You’re talented. You can render delicious goose fat. Many people would pay for that goose fat.” So, that is what the business man did. He began to sell the rendered goose fat.

That year, he brought the customary two barrels of goose fat to his Rebbe. But, his Rebbe looked puzzled. “What’s wrong, Rebbe,” he asked.

“Where’s the hechsher?” answered the Rebbe.

The man then asked, “I’m sorry, Rebbe, but I don’t understand. You’ve been taking the goose fat that I render for all these years, without a hechsher. Why do you suddenly need one?”

“Ahhh,” answered the Rebbe, “But now, it’s your business.”

Matisyahu Farbrengen

Apparently at Hadar HaTorah.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark Foley and Congressional Pages

The leftist press seems determined to use Mark Foley's abominable behavior as a stick with which to beat the Republicans. The right seems determined to either capitulate (see the Washington Times article asking for Denny Hastert's head on a platter) or to try to turn it around and use it to beat on Democrats (finger pointing at Barney Fag Frank, etc.

If Republicans wish to be true Conservatives (a debatable question, at best), then they must take advantage of the downfall of Mark Foley, and press the social issues at the heart of the scandal.

First, Mark Foley was a known homosexual. He had access to underage pages (both male and female). If Foley had been a heterosexual that was making email passes at female pages, and perhaps even carried on explicit IM's with them, then the House Majority could have just shrugged its collective shoulders and said, "Boys will be boys." -- the classic Clintonian defense. Oh, the House could have censured him, and maybe he'd lose out on being on the Page Committee, but there would not be a big hullaballoo.

Thus, the action of a House Majority should be to outlaw known homosexuals in the House from having any access to Pages. If this means having a floor rule that excludes homosexuals from being allowed to take their house seat, then this will truly protect the male pages from access to them from persons in power who can use that power to take advantage of them.

Second, Foley has, apparently, submitted himself to a rehabilitation clinic. Alcohol is being blamed, more and more, for many of the ignoble and downright bad actions of famous people. One need only mention Mel Gibson (his anti-semitic tirade is all but forgotten in the haze of his alcohol rehabilitation) or Ted Orca Kennedy.

Thus, in order to both protect the House, its Pages, and the general public, the House Majority should not only outlaw alcohol from Federal premises (including their offices), but should administer breathalyzer tests to each member, each morning before they begin to conduct business. This would have the benefit of no longer allowing any House member to hide behind the alcohol defense if they say or do anything particularly bad.

So, if the House Majority were truly intending to clean house, rather than just whitewashing it, it would both establish a Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and a Prohibition policy for its members.